The passing of Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy is felt by many Mi’kmaw. Photo by George Paul

Unama’ki – Humble, compassionate, dedicated, generous, community and nation minded are words that described Grand Chief Benjamin Sylliboy. For the Mi’kmaq these are important timeless qualities for our leaders of the Grand Council. To understand the Leadership of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council or Sante Mawio’mi, one must understand that Grand Council has no hierarchy. The Grand Chief is the first among equals. The role of Grand Chief, just as the role of the Keptins with whom he works, comes with no paid salary or monetary reward, but rather the role honours a life of service to the Mi’kmaw Nation. He was chosen by the families and communities, and through his life-long commitment to his community as a Keptin and then the Grand Chief, Ben Sylliboy has become a respected leader and statesmen for the ...

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