by Riley Patles, Business Liaison, JEDI

Riley Patles.

Since starting with JEDI just one short week ago, I have already learned so much and met so many people who will surely have a lasting impact on my personal and professional development. My name is Riley Patles and I am a First Nations woman from Metepenagiag. I am a graduate of St. Thomas university where I earned my degrees in Arts as well as Education. My position at JEDI is as a Business Liaison under the Aboriginal Labour Market Information project. My role is to be the link between industry and community and to help the Employment and Training Officers (ETOs) find job-ready candidates to earn meaningful employment.

Recently Jamie Saulnier of Running Deer Resources and Working Warriors visited New Brunswick to discuss how JEDI can better assist community ETOs to connect community members with employment opportunities. Working Warriors is a tool where Indigenous people can upload or create resumes and apply for jobs in New Brunswick and across Canada. JEDI and Working Warriors have assisted ...

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