by Shirley Christmas, MMNN Contributor

Welcome to 2018 at the home of the unpredictable Shirley’s Corner where one never knows the outcome of any given day. Now let’s see where did we leave off before the rush of Christmas hit us like a five o’clock rush hour in the Cape.

December is not my best time for writing because there is so much prep to do for that one special day, that 5 second day then POOF it’s over, gone, just like a that! Boy that Santa got some nerve if you ask me don’t yah think. Bet no one ever blames him for all the stress we go through to make a path for his arrival and he gets all the glory for it.

I believe I’m a victim of one of those Identity thingy’s people talk about. Yup That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Imagine getting coal for Christmas, & not just a lump but a whole darn bag! ME! Of all people was put on the NAUGHTY LIST.

Hmm… I think it was all Buddies fault he shouldn’t have ticked Santa off like he did the night before Christmas eve. I may have been in the clear if I wasn’t so curious but you know me, could not leave well enough alone.

Remember in the last episode when Buddie borrowed the small table from me but didn’t take the chairs. Well I tried to get things done but the thought of the chairs being here without the table was really bugging the heck out of me, so I decided to take the chairs to him. (Big mistake) should have stayed home but do I listen. Not till it’s to late.

I arrived shouting for Buddie, ...

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