by Jillian Arany, Fisheries Biologist, MCG

MCG summer students, (L-R) Owen and Nyree.

The Mi’kmaw Conservation Group (MCG) Culvert Project Team had a busy field season that ran from June to December 2017. The team, which consisted of MCG’s GIS Specialist, two summer students, Owen Gould and Nyree Glasgow, and myself were very happy with this season’s accomplishments! The project had two main partners: NSLC Adopt-A-Stream and Habitat Stewardship Program. Members from Adopt-A-Stream, Will Daniels and Kelsi Godin, were true assets to our field work.

For our assessments, 13 different culvert sites were visited and due to some of the sites having two to four culverts present, a total of 23 culverts were assessed for fish passage. Assessments are made up of different measurements related to the culvert size, water flow, and elevation. The assessments provide information that can be ...

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