by Daniel N. Paul, CM, ONS, Mi’kmaw Elder and Historian

Christmas basket bells sold by the late Chief Noel Doucette and his wife Jean.

Chief Noel Doucette i met sometime in the late 1950s, in either Boston or Nova Scotia, I don’t remember which, we were both born in 1938. Occasionally, over subsequent years, we would get together and have a few beers and have some interesting conversations about the state of Mi’kmaw affairs, the paternalism of the Great White Father in Ottawa, and future prospects for our People.

I was reminded of Noel and his contribution to the ongoing revival of Mi’kmaw culture once again this past Christmas (2017), as I have been each year since I acquired them, by my wife, Patricia, when she unpacked the Christmas ornaments for the annual decking out of our home and brought out for display again the precious basket bells that he and his wife Jean had for sale when they were operating a stall at an Arts and Crafts exhibition at th ...

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