George Paul

In his community of Eskasoni, he is known as PR George but to his adoring fans he is also Eskasoni Idol 2010. George Gerard Paul has been a major contributor to the Mi’kmaq Maliceet Nation News for almost 15 years. His background is in communications and journalism where he received his native journalism certificate in London, Ontario in 1990 and went on to complete his Bachelor of Arts Diploma with a focus on communications in 1994 at Cape Breton University.

George’s passion and his love of writing and telling stories of his people is something he considers an honor and also a great responsibility. In his 15 years, George has worked with Eskasoni Fish and Wildlife Commission, Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources, Kwilmu’k Maw-klusuagn and has now returned home to Eskasoni to be the full time communications officer for the Eskasoni Band.

With the fast changing pace of technology, George’s skills have become multifaceted in the area of photography, publishing, graphic design and digital videography. George has been involved in numerous projects and media related events from local, provincial and national levels and takes pride in every project he had been involved with.

George’s love of his family, community and the Mi’kmaq Nation is resonated in his work and in particular his writing. The one thing George said he will never write is negative stories of his people. George said, “Our Mi’kmaq communities need to be inspired and everyone needs to take an active role. This is my responsibility to my people.”

George is blessed to have three great loving children, Shawnee, George Brett and Brayden Joseph Eagle with his beautiful and supporting wife, Mary Prosper-Paul.