Several Elections have taken place this year and many yielded new results, they are as follows:


Terrance J. Paul was re-elected as Chief for his 15th consecutive term and for Council; Dan Christmas, Allistar Buster Matthews, Lee Gould, Robin Googoo, Julie Christmas, Dead Christmas, Darrell Bernard, Johanna Laporte, Lawrence Quism Paul, David Marshall, Paul MacDonald, Anthony Daniel Paul. They took office on July 18th 2012.

Saint Mary’s First Nation

Chief: Candice Paul was elected as Chief and elected to Council were; Stephen Grant Meuse, Leonard Roy Brooks, Hubert Lambert Paul, Walter Anthony Gabriel, Suzanne McCoy, Shelley Elaine Polchies, Heather Lynn Currie, Walter James Brooks, Barbara Brown, Percival Sacobie, Lisa Kelly Howe, Allan Patrick Polchies they took office on  July 15th 2012.


Chief: Norman Bernard (271 votes) was elected as Chief and for Council Angela Pierro, Tommy Peck, Mickey Basque, Peter (PeeWee) Pierro , Kim Denny, Francis (Baby) were all elected. They took office on July 30th 2012

Esgenoopetitj (Burnt Church)

Alvery Murray Paul was elected as Chief and Colton Lindsay Thomas Matallic, Lisa Taylor, Clarke (Augadee) Duane Dedam, Derek Duane Dedam, Frances Helen Joe, Joseph Bonnell, Andrew Curtus Bartibougue, Mark Anthony Simon, Mary Lita Richardson, Billy Jack Francis, Carrie Dedam, Pernell Dean Bonnell were all elected to Council. They took office on June 19th 2012.To view the full story, you must be a subscriber. Click here for information on how to subscribe.