by Jyllian Cress, Mainland Mi’kmaq Community Coordinator - FASD project, CMM

(L-R) Ella and Emma Francis of Pictou Landing.

(L-R) Ella and Emma Francis of Pictou Landing.

Melissa Francis knows firsthand the benefit of Early Childhood Intervention. Melissa and her husband Troy of Pictou Landing First Nations are the parents of three girls, twin girls Emma and Ella who are five and a half and 21 month old Adeline. The Francis family first became involved with Early Childhood Intervention with a referral from the IWK Health Center in November of 2008. Twins, Emma and Ella, had been born 12 weeks early and daughter Emma also had Cerebral Palsy.

Early Childhood Intervention is a free home based service that is available to children, and families of children, who have a developmental delay or are at risk for having a developmental delay. The service is ...

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