by Sharon Culbertson, Librarian/ISS Supervisor, LSK

Mr. Colin McDonald, LSK Staff

On Wednesday, September 26th, LSK hosted their fifth annual Terry Fox Run.  All students and staff participated.

Kepmite’tmnnej Kisiku’lk Mimajiwinu’k was celebrated at LSK on Thursday, September 27th.  Our Grade 6 students, led by Mr. Curtis Michael, began the ceremony with the “Honour Song’, followed by opening remarks from Mrs. Sarah Doucet, Principal, and a prayer from Mrs. Mary Lou Bernard.  Armando danced to the drumming by Eastern Eagles.  After all the introductions and performances, students were permitted to participate in the following stations:

  • “4 Cents” demonstration – Mrs. Becky Julian;
  • Drumming Session – Mr. Greg Marr;
  • Moose Meat Sampling – Mrs. Tammy Maloney;
  • Colouring Station – Mrs. Olivia Howe;
  • Dancing Station – Armando;
  • Ko’ju Competition – Mr. Curtis Michael;
  • Craft Station – Mrs. Karen Pictou; and
  • Waltes – Mrs. Mary Lou Bernard.

Special thanks goes to our LSK Treaty Day Committee, Eastern Eagles, Armando, and assorted guests.

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